High Performance Concrete Protection and Professional Waterproofing

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Betonseal is the official representation of Innerseal and Topseal for Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg and is the leading company for Bio Gas Silo all over Europe.  www.betonseal.de



In the first instance, the purchaser order a concrete with an exposure class XA2 for the construction of a container. The exposure class to be increased after the completion of the plant on the basis of the medium to XA3. The container is filled with a 35 ° C  up to 40 ° C warm industrial wastewater with a 6000 mg / l sulfate content. The pH value of the effluent is less than 3.5; may vary but very strong.

According to a report by the GERMAN CONCRETE AND CONSTRUCTION  TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION the exposure class XA3 is not sufficient in this case.
Exposure class XA3 according to DIN 1045-2 or DIN EN 206-1 applies to "chemically strong attacking environment according to table 2". Conclusion: It cannot be ruled out that  the used concrete with exposure class XA3 without further carried out concrete measures, such as coating, offer stratum or run as a concrete with high resistance against acid attack has no sufficient resistance to the described above attacking medium. Therefore, damage to the construction may occur as far as take a closer look at concrete chemical or engineering.

As protective measures, the concrete surfaces were treated with sump pump the two secondary sedimentation tank with Controll®Innerseal to achieve the required chemical resistance. The concrete was about 10 months after his processing, 7 times with Controll®Innerseal by simply applying with low pressure sprayer, treated. It was created as a permanent, waterproof protection for the steel reinforcement and concrete-aggressive media. The consumption of Controll®Innerseal total amounted to approximately 0.49 l / m2. The treated interface showed a slightly shiny surface after drying. The treated surface of concrete surfaces (C35/45 XC4; XD2; XF2; XA2) amounted to approximately 2,214 m2.

Controll®Innerseal is non-toxic and therefore not distinguishing mark according to the hazardous substances regulation. It is colourless, odourless, solvent-free, and non-flammable. Controll®Innerseal makes concretes resistant to chemical attack and impervious to water against both, positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, and is an active a deeply urgent corrosion protection of reinforcement steel in concrete (Deep penetration > 195 mm).  Also, any harmful salts in the mineral building material cast out during the crystallization and curing process.

Beyond the product properties Controll®Innerseal and Controll®Topseal stand out due to low cost and short lay on times.

We give a product warranty on the effect of Controll®Innerseal and Controll®Topseal by 10 years.



















Komsol Innerseal products have been approved worldwide for their ability to extend the lifetime of concrete up to 3 times.