High Performance Concrete Protection and Professional Waterproofing

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Renovation of concrete skate parks in Sweden  (66 parks only in Sweden):

A good surface for skateboarding should have smooth surface of 100 grit without becoming slippery.

Weather and UV erodes surface and cement between sand and leaves a rough surface that both makes skating slow and is harmful to skaters when they fall or slide.

The solution is to make a soft grinding and to harden and protect the surface with the following system:

** Graffiti must be removed and cracks/holes must be repaired before work starts.

1. Spray a very thin layer of Innerseal all over the concrete and wait one day. This makes surface hard and easier to grind and saves on diamante grinding discs (= save cost).

2. Grind surface, flat surface in the bottom with a regular floor grinding and walls/curved surface with hand grinding machine.
We use FLEX SE 14-2 125: ( http://www.amazon.de/Flex-Schleif-Spezialist-14-2-125-Set/dp/B00AJF47WS  )
with HTC diamond pads EZ grind (http://www.htc-floorsystems.com/en/Products/Tools/EdgeTools/EZgrind%20tools.aspx)
Important is that you can not use more than approx. 1500 rpm or you destroy the grinding pads.
These grinding only smooth the surface (60 grit little rough but removes more, 100 grit prefect surface).

3. Vacuum clean

4. Impregnate with Innerseal Plus by spray. (approx. 0,1 L/m2). Do not leave a overflow.

Add Innerseal Plus to the skate park, we spray a thin layer (0,05-0,1L /m2) every autumn or spring. This keeps a good surface and we have good subscribers for our products. We can not Deep impregnate as usual because then their surface becomes too slippery.  

Click here to view video:- http://vimeo.com/103890817

Please click on the images below to see us at work.

Terracotta_-54.jpgflat surface grinding.jpgTerracotta_-51.jpgTerracotta_-53.jpgPre-impregnation before grinding.jpgV__FA90.jpgCopperPenny.jpgColoring1.jpgTerracotta_-56.jpgTerracotta_-57.jpgCurved surface grinding.jpgTerracotta_-52.jpgflat surface grinding 2.jpgColoring2.jpgConcrete skate park.jpg

Komsol Innerseal products have been approved worldwide for their ability to extend the lifetime of concrete up to 3 times.